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Hacker floods Dubai 999 service

Police issue warning as emergency line hit with second attack in four months

In October the emergency service was clogged in a similar attack.
In October the emergency service was clogged in a similar attack.

Dubai Police today warned the public against clicking on an infected Web link, which was triggering 999 calls and jamming the emergency line, 7Days reported.

The announcement, made through Twitter appealed to online visitors not to click the link that was claiming to lead to a close-up picture of the sun, and condemned the irresponsible act as having endangered lives. It is not clear from the warning how the infected link was propagated.

"We have received numerous calls because of this link," Brigadier Omar Al Shamsi, director of Dubai Police command and control, told Arabic daily Al Bayan.

"They are really very disturbing and annoying as they put great pressure on the emergency operator. It is not the first time such irresponsible actions [have been] taken by irresponsible persons. Previously, we have succeeded in identifying those persons and presented them to court on charges of disturbing authorities."

Al Shamsi was referring to the October 2012 case of an Emirati man who sent a link through the Blackberry network that he claimed was UAE vocalist Shamma Hamdan's phone number. The number was linked to the emergency 999 service and inundated the line with calls from Shamma fans before police publicised the problem, again through Twitter.