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ManageEngine automates identity, access management

ADManager Plus includes policy configuration, legal compliance tools

ManageEngine automates identity, access management
Thangaraj: Administrators can automate user provisioning, the most crucial task in IAM.

Real-time IT management company ManageEngine announced it has automated identity and access management (IAM) operations in ADManager Plus, the company's Active Directory management and reporting solution.

In addition, ADManager Plus now offers several features that help administrators streamline IAM and meet IT regulatory laws.

Manage Engine argues that carrying out IAM in Active Directory manually or via scripts, PowerShell cmdlets and other traditional methods is inadequate to meet today's challenges. The smart devices that let users access data anytime, anywhere also pose several threats to data security. Mistakes in access provision can expose crucial information to the wrong users, thereby jeopardising its integrity. Moreover, businesses must comply with HIPAA, SOX and other IT regulations that mandate accountability in data access and management.

"ADManager Plus caters to today's Identity and Access Management needs driven by new-age data access methods and IT compliance requirements," said Manikandan Thangaraj, director of product management at ManageEngine.

"With the latest enhancements to ADManager Plus, administrators can automate user provisioning, the most crucial task in IAM, as well as write their own automation rules to solve a need specific to their business. Most importantly, it helps them fulfill IT compliance requirements easily."

ADManager Plus is designed to streamline IAM in Active Directory, offering IT administrators the tool of user management templates that can be used to create a library of preconfigured access controls. Those access controls can be assigned to users as their position warrants, thereby reducing the possibility of errors in access management, according to Manage Engine. While this standardises access management procedures, ADManager Plus 6 is also capable of providing automation for several crucial Active Directory operations with new features, such as: a new workflow engine that allows definition of review-approve policies for all IAM operations including a multiple-level approval process; an automatic task assigner; an IAM ticket repository for accountability and auditing; IAM automation in Active Directory, including user provisioning and de-provisioning; and automation rules and policies.

ADManager Plus 6 starts at $495 and is available for download here. A fully functional, 30-day trial version is also available for download.

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