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Bank Muscat deploys new POS terminals

OMA Emirates provides new terminals from Ingenico to provide new customer services

OMA Emirates is expanding in the Middle East, says Sangal.
OMA Emirates is expanding in the Middle East, says Sangal.

Bank Muscat has deployed new point of sale (POS) terminals from OMA Emirates to provide its customers with new, secure, value-added services.

The terminal solution, using customised solutions from payment terminal specialist Ingenico, will work with different types of cards including magstripe and smart contact cards, and are capable of running multiple applications to deliver services such as loyalty, mobile prepaid, instalment/loan option, and dynamic currency conversation, on one device.

The terminals also integrate the electronic cash register system, so that Bank Muscat is able to constantly drive the acquiring business.

“As the largest card Acquirer and Payments Solutions powerhouse in the Sultanate of Oman, we are committed to providing our customers with the most technologically advanced services that enables us to cater to diverse service requirements. The POS solution provided by OMA Emirates is a customised solution that enables our customers with increased speed of transaction,” said Tariq Atiq, assistant general manager, Cards & eBanking of Bank Muscat.

The terminals work on a multi communication protocol, which facilitates mobile as well as counter top applications of the terminals. The Ingenico GPRS device can also be converted into a counter top device with the Magic Box base with Ethernet, Dial-up connections and the required battery charging capability for mobile devices. These new generation POS terminals and solutions are built on an open ended solution that allows Bank Muscat the flexibility to add, upgrade or change or cross pollinate to newer systems.

OMA Emirates has customized the bank’s Network Communication Controller to support a wide array of multi branded terminals in the market.

“With the implementation of the new POS solutions for Bank Muscat, OMA Emirates has made a significant move into our expansion plans within the Middle East markets. We are extremely pleased to enter this market with solutions for the largest acquiring bank in the country. Our unique software solutions coupled with world-class hardware by Ingenico make it possible for us to provide a seamless customer experience for a diverse range of solutions for business verticals that include banks and financial institutions, retail industry, loyalty programme providers, road and transportation service companies as well as the telecom sector,” said, Niranj Sangal, group CEO, OMA Emirates - Solution Gulf.

OMA Emirates will provide a support centre and maintenance with staff certified by Ingenico.