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Apple’s iOS 6 adoption is growing

iPhone users led the adoption at 60%, whereas 45% of iPad users upgraded their devices; 39% of iPod touch also took the plunge

Apple's iOS6 is quickly being adopted by its loyal fan base.
Apple's iOS6 is quickly being adopted by its loyal fan base.

Apple most recently announced its latest mobile OS, iOS6. Although there have been some problems with the operating system, adoption rates are quite high.

Apple's iOS6 was introduced to compatible iPhones and iPads on September 19. Within one day, 15% of those devices were running the new mobile OS, according to research firm Chitika.  Apple's iOS6 has an Apple maps app, which has replaced Google maps. This app has been widely regarded as being inaccurate and buggy, yet that doesn't seem to bother most people.

Chitika's figures indicate that from September 8 to October 1, iPhone users are the leader in adoption, with 60% already switched over to iOS6. iPad users have been slower to adopt iOS6, with only 45% opting to upgrade, while 39% of iPod Touch users took the plunge.

These figures shouldn't come as too much of a surprise though, as there are more iPhone variants that are eligible for the upgrade, including the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Regarding the iPod Touch, anything before the fourth generation, is not eligible and even the original iPad can be upgraded.