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SAP displays mobility credentials

Solutions company moves into apps and content space

Alkharrat: It’s all about mobility
Alkharrat: It’s all about mobility

SAP will have a prominent presence in the Mobile, Apps & Content World section of GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2012. The company will showcase its offerings in areas such as mobile application and development platforms, mobile device management, mobile messaging and mobile commerce services.

In April 2012, SAP acquired Syclo, a provider of enterprise mobile applications and technologies, adding industry- expertise in building and selling mobile solutions in industries such as utilities, oil and gas, life sciences and manufacturing.

The move also accelerated the adoption and deployment of new mobile asset management and field service solutions on Sybase Unwire,d part of the SAP mobile platform and the company’s infrastructure for developing and managing mobile apps.

SAP and its partners currently offer 70 mobile applications to customers and there are more than 200 in the development pipeline. “Mobility is an overarching and transversal technology trend that has broad and deep impact across both the enterprise and consumer markets,” said Sam Alkharrat, managing director, SAP MENA.

“There are tremendous opportunities for companies that can help realise its benefits. We are proud to be at the forefront of the mobile revolution, and our ability to unwire core business processes is set to go from strength to strength in the coming years, particularly in the MENA region. SAP brings the power and simplicity of consumer mobile technology to the business world, helping to make ‘anytime, anywhere’ access on any device a reality through the widest range of mobile business apps and the most robust mobile platform around.”

SAP forecasts that its addressable enterprise mobility market will be worth US $39 billion by 2015, growing at 53% CAGR.  Mobility forms a key part of SAP’s long-term global growth strategy to double its addressable market, reach one billion people and generate global revenue of Eur 20 billion by 2015.