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Reception for iOS 6 lukewarm at best

Users report problems with connectivity and berate map app

Download of iOS 6 has been fraught with difficulties.
Download of iOS 6 has been fraught with difficulties.

As Apple enthusiasts everywhere download the new iOS 6 to play with its 200-plus new features, some grumbles are already rippling through the blogosphere over problems with internet connectivity and geographic inaccuracies in Apple's proprietary map system, which replaces Google's tried-and-tested app.

C-NET refers to the new OS as "the must-have app you'll never notice", while conceding that many rough edges have been smoothed out by the release. But this was one of the kinder reviews on offer.

Over 450 posts on Apple's support forum reported a problem with the Safari browser redirecting users to a non-existent Apple.com webpage upon their first post-upgrade use of Wi-fi, although the issue has since been fixed, according to itpproportal.com.

Other users have been tweeting about the comical misplacement of local landmarks on Apple's very own map system, for which it enlisted the help of no less than three cartography companies. Further comments bemoan the lower resolution, as compared with Google Maps and users on both sides of the Atlantic have slammed the app for making a mess of public transport directions.

None of this is good news for Apple Inc as it prepares for tomorrow's launch of the iPhone 5.