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UAEU at Al Ain deploys new data centre

New data centre to form backbone of major academic network, serve new campus

The new data centre is housed in the FIT building at UAEU.
The new data centre is housed in the FIT building at UAEU.

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) at Al Ain has installed a new data centre that will serve the campus and provide the backbone for one of the largest academic networks in the region.

The data centre was designed by the UAEU, working with Schneider Electric. In order to save real estate and inline with the UAEU's Green ICT Vision, the centre is housed in a retro-fitted space in Faculty of IT (FIT) Building, which allowed for the re-use of cooling solutions, while new UPS and back-up generator were also installed.

The new data centre infrastructure is based on a Schneider Electric' Infrastruxure embedded solution comprising Schneider Electric Racks/Enclosures, In-Row RP Cooling units, Schneider Electric In-Row RD Cooling units and Schneider Electric N+1 UPS units.

The data centre provides the backbone for the next generation unified intelligent network - one of the largest academic networks in the region with more than 350 wiring closets connected to over 25,000 IP ports that offer a link to the UAEU data centre via redundant fibre.

The FIT building also hosts 20 advanced ICT laboratories including an 8.3 T-Flop super grid computer, and the UAEU Net-Pop room providing WAN, LAN, Internet and Ankabut (Internet 2) connectivity.

Muhammed Imran, Acting Director ICT, UAEU said: "As our services and applications become more centralized and more converged, the demand on our data centre will begin to grow as we'll require more robust equipment. Schneider Electric's Infrastruxure provides a modular approach to data centre deployment. Not only does the new data centre provide more capacity, but it also has room for more equipment cabinets to meet growth needs. When the time comes, the UPS can be upgraded with additional power and battery modules, and the cooling with additional units. In the meantime, UAEU is able to conserve its capital budget as well as gain OP-EX benefits from having the IT load requirement and infrastructure supply closely matched to one another."

Imran added: "The Schneider Electric data centre delivered what we needed, both for immediate and future requirements. The UAEU's planned focus on using green ICT as the key driver of its educational emphasis is paying off with the new green ICT campus."

Olivier Delepine, vice-president, Gulf Countries, IT Business, Schneider Electric, said: "We are privileged to be an integral partner of the data center solution at the UAEU. Combining our expertise and longstanding experience with cutting-edge technology, we successfully proposed and delivered a green data center to the university.

"The rapid adoption of new business technologies and the influx of increasingly challenging amounts of data have made intelligent IT operations critical to any size business - not just large corporations. We're excited to provide truly comprehensive solutions such as the one developed for UAEU which is an integrated, simplified solution that consolidates vendors, reduces man-hours and enables remote device and environmental management," he added.