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GBI opens new network operations centre

Qatar-based centre is the new nerve centre of the GBI undersea and terrestrial network

GBI has unveiled a new NOC in Doha, Qatar.
GBI has unveiled a new NOC in Doha, Qatar.

The Gulf Bridge International (GBI) Network Operations Centre (NOC) was opened at the Qatar Science and Technology Park in Doha earlier this week.

The NOC is the new nerve centre for the region's highest capacity and most geographically comprehensive cable network, connecting all the nations of the Gulf to the data centres of Europe and Asia. 

"It is truly remarkable to look through this facility onto the vibrant and growing information exchange taking place across the Gulf and beyond," said Ahmed Mekky, board member and CEO of GBI. "This nerve centre manages a tremendous amount of digital traffic every second. To grasp its enormous capacity, imagine being able to transfer about 7,000 full-length movies every second across the GBI cable system. Such capacity will help provide the ICT backbone meeting the ambitious development plans of the Gulf well into the future."

The centre will monitor GBI's undersea and terrestrial network operations 24/7 and is taking command from the GBI back-up centre in Fujairah, UAE.

The GBI Cable System has a design capacity of 40G with portions upgraded to 100G. The cable system connects all the countries in the Gulf in a robust ring configuration. Outside the Gulf, the cable connects eastwards to Mumbai, India and westwards to Sicily, Italy, with diverse routing to Milan and onwards to London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and Marseilles.

"In order to guarantee superior customer service, the Network Operations Centre exists to manage day to day operations on the GBI Cable System so that the service is transparent to GBI's customers," said Neil Axford, director of Network Operations at GBI. "Through 24/7 monitoring, the NOC team oversees the network activity on the cable system so that in the event of a disturbance, it is addressed immediately and efficiently."