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Aljomaih Automotive improves CRM with Altitude

GM auto dealer using Altitude contact centre to improve customer service

Altitude is helping Aljomaih to achieve automotive customer service excellence, says Boukhris.
Altitude is helping Aljomaih to achieve automotive customer service excellence, says Boukhris.

Damman-based Aljomaih Automotive Company (AAC) has rolled out a new IP-based contact centre to improve customer interaction.

The company, a dealer for GM automobiles across the whole of Saudi Arabia, has deployed Altitude uCI customer interaction management solution, to handle a wide range of customer interactions.

The auto dealer reports that the solution has already returned results, allowing it to increase the size of its customer database and improve the speed and efficiency of customer interaction.

The Altitude system offers a range of functions to AAC, including voice portal, outbound dialer and a unified centralized monitoring, queuing, routing and reporting. The company is using it to manage a number of services to customers, such as proactive appointment scheduling for car maintenance and telemarketing campaigns. The solution offers real time reporting on customer interaction, as well as giving call agents instant access to caller information such as car owner maintenance history.

AAC has also added new channels for customer interaction, including email and SMS. The company is also working on a project to integrate its Microsoft Dynamics CRM with an SMS gateway from Altitude, which will deliver customized, automated text messages to customers to remind them when car servicing is due, service status updates and other messaging.

"We are constantly looking to boost levels of customer care in terms of sales and after sales service to ensure that Aljomaih provides the best customer ownership experience in the GCC region and beyond," said Sheikh Ibrahim Aljomaih, vice chairman and CEO of AAC. "We recognize the importance of superior automotive customer service as a key differentiator in establishing and maintaining competitive advantage and as such, our desire to cultivate the highest level of customer care is paramount."

 "We wanted to be proactive and ensure we have quality, consistent information on our customers and prospects to improve our communications as well as build our customer relationships in a customized way, be it by phone, SMS, email or face-to-face," said Mohamed M Khaled, national and CRM manager at AAC.

"As an example, the owner of a 2006 GM car should not get the same automotive service reminder as the owner of a 2010 GM car; their needs are different and we wanted to address such key requirement. Therefore, we were looking for a customer interaction management solution that was comprehensive, flexible, and easy to use in line with our organizational efforts to become truly customer centric.

"The results have been very insightful. In the first four weeks of the contact centre set up we were able to increase the size of our database by 300%, and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction with a 91% rate of telephone interactions answered within 18 seconds. Besides, our call monitoring constantly shows an average quality/satisfaction rating of 96%.

"Altitude has clearly helped us integrate telephony, fax, SMS and email channels with desktop computers to empower our contact centre agents with critical customer information - all major factors in providing prompt, efficient and differentiating customer care," added Khaled.

The deployment project was carried out by Blue Mena group, in a space of eight weeks. the AAC project includes a number of Altitude uCI modules, including Altitude Voice Portal, Altitude Management, Altitude Multimedia, Altitude Unified Dialler, Altitude Voice recorder, Altitude Unified Router for intelligent, skills-based routing, Altitude Connector to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Altitude vBox, a free SIP server natively integrated with the Altitude uCI suite.

"Customer satisfaction is essential to Aljomaih Automotive‘s service delivery and brand reputation in a very competitive automotive market. By deploying Altitude uCI, AAC has added a key dimension to its customer care offering," commented Riadh Boukhris, Altitude Software MENA President. "AAC represents a strategic customer for us as it not only demonstrates Altitude's growing global and regional reach but the fact that we have aligned ourselves with another key organisation in the GCC - one that is striving to have a leading role in automotive customer service excellence across Saudi Arabia and pushing itself on all fronts in order to achieve that ambition."