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GfK urges retailers to seize the 'attach' prospect

Research firms says broadened computing platforms present opportunities for retailers

GfK says the IT peripherals and accessories space is presenting huge opportunities for retailers.
GfK says the IT peripherals and accessories space is presenting huge opportunities for retailers.

GfK Retail and Technology, the global research firm specialising in tracking services for all kinds of hi-tech markets, has urged Middle East-based retailers to take advantage of the opportunities that are emerging in the region as a result of consumers creating connected digital eco-systems at home.

The analyst firm says that while hardware product margins have continued to decline in the retail space largely due to increased competition, there are lots of ‘attach’ opportunities emerging for retailers to cash-in especially in the peripherals and accessories segment.

Delivering a key note address to over 500 delegates from the retail channel in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, at the eighth annual DISTREE Conference in Fujairah, Dr. Rudi Aunkofer, Global Research Director IT at GfK, said the IT peripherals and accessories market has continued to grow presenting huge opportunities for retailers in the region to add-on peripherals and accessories with every desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone sold.

Aunkofer said as the purchasing power has doubled over the last couple of years with consumers moving from the desktop and notebook platform to embrace tablets and smartphones in the region, this shift has created tremendous prospects for savvy retailers in the region to complement the large PC installed base by offering peripherals and accessories as additional add-ons. “There is an opportunity to sell a keyboard for every two desktops sold in the retail market today. There is no doubt that as consumers move to embrace different computing platforms, they are also looking for add-ons in the form of peripherals and accessories,” he said.

Aunkofer explained that contrary to belief that desktops and notebooks will demise from the market and be replaced by tablets, consumers in the Middle East are now demanding computing platforms that suit their lifestyles and usage models. “We are seeing more opportunities for the retail channel as the demand for these different computing platforms to integrate is far greater now. “In Europe, the peripherals market has reached saturation, while in the Middle East, it’s only beginning to boom,” he said.

Aunkofer said with cloud computing also garnering momentum, retailers should look at the opportunities that this will create especially for routers and other wireless networking devices and peripherals.

He said as consumers continue to become move savvy and informed, retailers should look at aspects of IT that will continue to have an impact on their business and these are: consumerisation, digital connected eco-systems, technology lifestyles and assortment of choice for IT products.