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BISAK selects Cyberoam UTM for network protection

British International School of Al Khobar deploys Cyberoam to manage network usage and security

BISAK has deployed a Cyberoam CR200i UTM at the gateway level.
BISAK has deployed a Cyberoam CR200i UTM at the gateway level.

The British International School of Al Khobar (BISAK) has selected Cyberoam UTM to protect its network and better manage its bandwidth.

The Khobar-based school, which provides British curriculum education to around 700 students, needed to provide a network infrastructure that would allow all pupils to have daily access, while at the same time ensuring that the network was protected from malware and other security threats.

BISAK also wanted to control Internet traffic better, to protect against intrusion attempts, denial of service attacks, and to allow different levels of access to staff, faculty and students so that they could only access appropriate content for each.

"We needed to quickly find a solution that would allow us to easily keep track of the sites visited by the students and staff as well as securely protect our students, faculty and staff from unwanted Websites.", said Syed Moinuddin, IT manager, BISAK.

The school assessed solutions from Cisco, Sonicwall and Fortinet, but found that they did not offer on-appliance reports. Instead BISAK selected Cyberoam's CR200i enterprise-class unified threat management (UTM) appliance, deployed as a gateway.

The Cyberoam UTM allows identity-based security, which through use of Active Directory Services (ADS) allows tracking of all online activities by individuals. Identity-based filtering then allows the administrator to set policies at an individual level, with surfing quotas, time limits and bandwidth restrictions.

The UTM provides filtering over 82 different categories of traffic, in this instance being used to totally block P2P and IM applications, while the ICSA and Checkmark-certified Cyberoam Perimeter firewall provides strong protection and granular access controls over Internet traffic and the network resources.

"The reporting capabilities are an essential component of the Cyberoam appliance. We consult the activity logs and reports on a weekly basis to ensure that the students and staff are using the Internet appropriately and have the information on hand when dealing with students who abuse our Internet Usage Policy," Moinuddin said.