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Doodle Jump creator eyes Middle East growth

THE MOBILE SHOW, DUBAI: Lima Sky keen to partner with operators in the ME region

Doodle Jump has had some 30m downloads to date.
Doodle Jump has had some 30m downloads to date.

THE MOBILE SHOW, DUBAI: The creator of Doodle Jump, a mobile game originally developed for iOS platform, is looking to partner with operators in the Middle East to expand the game's presence in the region.

Igor Pusenjak, president and co-founder of independent game development studio, LimaSky, told CommsMEA that his company was "definitely" keen to partner with local companies to push the popular game in the Middle East.

"We are looking to work with carriers directly on their platforms and see what the different opportunities are," Pusenjak said during the Mobile Show in Dubai. "This is sort of an exploration trip to see where the market is, what works and what doesn't."

Doodle Jump was released for Apple's iOS platform in April 2009 and was later made available for operating systems including Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android, Java Mobile (J2ME), and Symbian.

The game has already been downloaded about 30 million times, according to Pusenjak. The strongest markets for the game are currently Europe and the US, while China is also showing strong growth.

Pusenjak, who created the game with his brother, said that Lima Sky is focusing its efforts on Doodle Jump and does not have immediate plans to create any new games. "It is our biggest app and it is something that we are really trying to grow...our big push currently is through licencing and merchandising," he said.

Pusenjack has no doubts about the reasons for the success of Doodle Jump, and he believes that these factors could help make the game a hit in the Middle East. "It's the simplicity, the addictive nature of just wanting to play one more game, and then the natural competitiveness of people," he said. "People are competitive and social by nature."