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SAP invests in Iraq

Company recruits senior executive to drive business development in the country

SAP has appointed veteran IT consultant and entrepreneur Mohammed Al Najjar as the senior executive for Iraq.
SAP has appointed veteran IT consultant and entrepreneur Mohammed Al Najjar as the senior executive for Iraq.

SAP has recruited a senior executive to drive business development across Iraq, demonstrating its commitment to the developing Iraq IT sector.

"Iraq is of considerable strategic importance to SAP, and we are honoured to be at the forefront helping the country embrace IT innovation as a means to power a better and more sustainable future," said Sam Alkharrat, managing director, SAP MENA.

The German company is looking to expand its presence in the Iraqi public sector- from back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device - with particular focus on innovations pertaining to human resources management.   

SAP will also be bringing its initiatives, such as the SAP University Alliance to the country to boost local knowledge and stoke vocational skill sets.

The alliance provides University faculties with the tools and resources needed to teach students how technology can help enable integrated business processes and strategic thinking, giving them the opportunity to gain valuable skills with the potential to add immediate value to the Iraqi IT sector.

A recent study by IDC named SAP as the leading Enterprise Application Software (EAS) vendor with a 37.1% market share in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Veteran IT consultant and entrepreneur Mohammed Al Najjar will spearhead the bold new venture, assuming the role of senior executive for Iraq.

Al Najjar has over three decades experience of managing and implementing cutting-edge business solutions and introducing industry and global best practices, most recently as the founder of a Bagdad-based consultancy service, which served as a system integrator on behalf of companies like SAP, Microsoft and Cisco, and completed projects for the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Telecommunication, as well as a host of private sector enterprises..

"SAP's investment in Iraq shows it believes in the country and its ability to move forward," said Al Najjar. "SAP does not just offer a bolt-on software solution, but an entire transformation philosophy that can enhance government processes, pave the way for new businesses and improve people's lives, making citizens safer and growing the local knowledge-based economy."