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BenQ unveils new gaming monitor

RL2450HT was designed in collaboration with Zowie Gear and StarTale

BenQ has unveiled its latest gaming monitor, the BenQ RL2450HT.
BenQ has unveiled its latest gaming monitor, the BenQ RL2450HT.

BenQ is expanding its RL series professional gaming monitors with the launch of the RL2450HT in the Middle East.

"The upgraded RL2450ht professional gaming monitor is truly BenQ's most timely response to gamers' anticipation and enthusiastic demands for more viewing comfort and flexibility. This new gaming monitor is set to create huge excitement in the growing gaming community in the region particularly in the UAE," said Manish Bakshi, general manager of BenQ for the Middle East and Africa.

"Building on the award-winning heritage of the RL series and BenQ's unique philosophy of ‘gaming is in the details', this new addition targets top-level real-time strategy (RTS) gamers in the region who are looking for added viewing flexibility and comfort on top of unprecedented level of control, accuracy and enjoyment. With the increased screen size and the design, BenQ turns competitive gaming into hours of enjoyment and total success."

The monitor was co-developed by high-end professional gaming gear manufacturer, Zowie Gear, and StarTale, a world-class Starcraft 2 professional gaming team.

The RL2450HT features a 24-inch HD LED screen with 2ms gray-to-gray (GTG) response time. It also has black equaliser, RTS gaming mode, display mode and smart scaling and can accommodate various viewing height and angle using the height adjustment stand design. It will also be available in a black-and red design.

The RL2450HT will also be featured in the upcoming IEM World Championship, along with BenQ's full line-up of professional gaming monitors. The new gaming professional monitor will be available in the Middle East through BenQ's Channel partners soon.