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N2V invests in Saudi games portal

New Arabic games resources, GameTako.com, attracts investment

GameTako aims to be a destination both for game players and developers.
GameTako aims to be a destination both for game players and developers.

Internet holding company N2V (National Net Ventures) has announced that it has invested in Saudi-based games portal Gametako.com.

The holding company, part of the National Technology Group (NTG) conglomerate, has invested an undisclosed sum in GameTako, as part of its ongoing efforts to help build the games developer industry in the region.

GameTako has been established as an Arabic games publishing company, that will focus both on developing and releasing Arabic games, and supporting games developers in the region through providing advanced APIs and other technical features via the GameTako.com portal.

Abdullah Hamed, GameTako's CEO, commented: "We are glad to receive investment from N2V, GameTako has a bright future ahead, and we are excited to execute on our upcoming plans with the support and faith of N2V.com.

"By empowering game developers to publish and monetize their games, GameTako aims to disrupt the way games are being made in Arabia. GameTako will help independent as well as professional game developers get the exposure they need and get feedback fast and tweak their games according to Arab Gamers tastes. This is the lean startup model that GameTako runs on, and its what we are also trying to provide for game developers.

"We are not just creating a game company, we are creating a game development community, game developers own a stake in the success of GameTako as much as we do. GameTako is where game developers and gamers come to be a community," Hamed added.