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Yebab.com expands to Saudi, Egypt

Online wedding planning site sees exponential growth in traffic, partners with more companies

UAE-based wedding planning website Yebab.com is launching in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
UAE-based wedding planning website Yebab.com is launching in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Yebab.com, a UAE-based online wedding planning site, is expanding into Saudi Arabia and Egypt after seeing massive expansion in the UAE.

"Saudi Arabia and Egypt have a huge population base and we have a considerable amount of traffic coming from these countries. It therefore makes good business sense to expand into these markets. This year holds high potential for Yebab as we also plan to venture into new business areas such as animation and add new components to drive e-commerce on the website," said Murshed Mohamed Ahmed, general manager of Yebab.com.

The site now features wedding suppliers from all Emirates in the UAE and has gone from having 30 shops in its wedding supplier directory in 2008 to over 1,400 in 2012.

Yebab.com provides brides with everything from wedding dress designers to venue selection, photography, and catering and the company has also started an initiative in which brides can choose to donate the leftover wedding food to charities for the needy in the UAE.

The website is primarily focused on Emirati and Arabic-style weddings and was one of the participants at DemoCamp Dubai in 2008, where it raised its first round of investment.

Yebab.com has also partnered with animation company Kharabeesh to develop a cartoon, which depicts the trials and joys of an Emirati bride in a modern environment. The cartoon can be viewed on YouTube and will have four installments.