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RIM CEO plans company’s future

Heins says he now has significant plans for the company

Thorsten Heins, RIMs new CEO says he has significant plans for the company.
Thorsten Heins, RIMs new CEO says he has significant plans for the company.

Research in Motion's new CEO, Thorsten Heins plans to present the board with his plan for company's future in just a few weeks, according to Reuters.

Heins said that he has "significant" plans for the company, but he did not go into detail about what these were.

"I will have time with the board in two weeks to present my ideas and changes," Heins told Reuters.

The new CEO said last week that he did not envision drastic changes for the company and planned to hone its strategy rather than overhaul it.

BlackBerry's most pressing problem is that the US market has fallen out of love with the BlackBerry, however Heins said he has done groundwork to tackle this and admitted that the company's US business needed a major overhaul after losing out in market share to Apple.

"In general I wouldn't consider RIM as a turnaround candidate. It is a turnaround candidate in the US," he told Reuters. "We lost market share in this market quite substantially. That is something that we have to address."

RIM announced in December that it was delaying the launch of phones based on BlackBerry 10 - its next-generation software - until the later part of 2012 as it is awaiting the availability of a high-powered chip.

Heins would not say when these phones would be hitting the market, but implied that they would arrive in time for the year-end holiday-shopping season in the fourth quarter.

The new CEO will concentrate on getting the most current BlackBerrys into more consumers' hands. He said that only 20% of US BlackBerry users have the company's latest phones, which he says are competitive with rival smartphones.

He is also betting on the company's PlayBook tablet to compete with the Apple iPad. This year, Heins said that RIM will launch a version of the Playbook, with a high-speed wireless connection based on LTE - a technology that the top three US operators are building into their networks.