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Alfalak offers staff English language training

English language program to help staff to deliver better service and drive career development

Al Falak is focused on developing its people and skills, says Ashadawi.
Al Falak is focused on developing its people and skills, says Ashadawi.

IT solutions provider Alfalak Electronic Equipment & Supplies Co has rolled out English languages courses for its employees, to help improve their efficiency and career development.

The courses, which mainly target Saudi nationals, have been developed to help staff at Alfalak to succeed in their jobs.

The program has been developed as part of Alfalak's Career Development and Training and Development strategies, in co-operation with Alfalak's sister company, Al Khaleej Training & Education.

The training program includes an initial assessment, to determine current language skills, then 80 hours of instruction delivered over eight weeks. So far 50 training proms have been carried out, and the company plans 100 more over the next two to three years.

"English and computer skills have become fundamental to job success, which is why we decided to launch this program for improving the English language proficiencies of our employees. This initiative is particularly helpful for our Saudi nationals who will be empowered with the English language skills they need to excel in their jobs and careers. These kinds of programs reflect Alfalak's focus on its people, the company's most important assets," said Ahmed Ashadawi, CEO and President, Alfalak Electronic Equipment & Supplies Co.

Staff at Alfalak also have access to an Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK), which offers self-learning content development, deployment and maintenance kit to empower employees to enhance project, program and user productivity.