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Nokia launches NFC awareness campaign

Nokia N9 users can win free movie tickets, refreshments with their NFC-enabled phone

Nokia has launched a Near Field Communications awareness campaign in the UAE.
Nokia has launched a Near Field Communications awareness campaign in the UAE.

Nokia is launching a campaign to promote the benefits of Near Field Communication (NFC) in the UAE.

NFC is a technology designed to allow users to share information with a tap of their device and offers a way of obtaining and interacting with applications and services.

For the campaign, Nokia N9 smartphone users will be able to tap their phones on NFC-enabled posters at VOX cinema, Mall of the Emirates, from Thursday to Saturday and can win free cinema tickets, refreshments and the option to also download the latest movie schedules from VOX cinema until the end of the year.

"Nokia's NFC strategy is to continue to provide market-leading NFC devices and experiences that allow the NFC ecosystem to evolve, and to develop NFC services that add value to the consumer experience. Our consumer engagement initiative with the ‘Nokia N9 NFC Cinema' activity is the first of many rich NFC experiences we plan to bring to the region. We are fully committed to driving the technology forward by creating an open ecosystem between developers, software and service providers," said Adam Birchall, head of NFC Partnerships and Development, Nokia MEA.

According to Nokia, NFC technology opens up a new way of delivering corporate marketing campaigns that can help drive engagement with customers, particularly via social media with Facebook ‘like', Twitter ‘follow' and Foursquare ‘check in'..

Currently Nokia is focusing on ‘Open NFC' in the region, which is designed enable consumers to share content within devices and also initiate services such as launching apps direct to websites, initiating calls and downloading vouchers by tapping their NFC device on NFC tags and smart posters.

Nokia is also working to create secure-based projects including NFC led payments solutions which the company is working with operators, banks and partners to establish secure projects aimed at execution during the first half of 2012.

"NFC is much more than a payment solution. It's a significant application of the technology but not the whole story. We at Nokia believe in the value of initially concentrating on Open NFC activities to help educate consumers on the daily value of NFC and to change the way in which they use their devices. We provide preloaded NFC applications and tutorials to get people engaged and connecting quickly. In addition, we are rolling a whole range of accessories to pair with devices and working with partners to showcase the fun and value in tag reading and smart posters. We are firmly out there creating this initial offer and looking for others to build on this platform," said Birchall.