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EMC upgrades Paltel IT infrastructure

Company is implementing EMCs VMAX and Data Domain deduplication storage systems

EMC will implement mission-critical IT infrastructure for Paltel.
EMC will implement mission-critical IT infrastructure for Paltel.

EMC has announced that it will complete a new mission-critical IT infrastructure for the Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel Group).

According to EMC, Paltel Group contributes about 12% of the GDP of Palestine and is the number one employer in the private sector. The company will utilise EMCs VMAX and Data Domain deduplication storage systems, all with a multi layer security solution from RSA, The Security Division of EMC, designed to enhance IT Infrastructure performance and availability.

"The implemented EMC solution introduces a revolutionary infrastructure created to match the current and future requirements of Paletl Group in maintaining their competitive edge and premium customer service. EMC's skilled consultants designed a tailor-made solution to suit the group's specific business needs and assure business continuity and availability, while minimizing risks, improving data protection and reducing the total cost of ownership," said Habib Mahakian, area manager for EMC, North Gulf region.

The new EMC storage infrastructure is also designed to reduce the total cost of ownership both from initial capital expenditure and ongoing operational costs by utilising the latest EMC technologies such as FAST VP (fully automated storage tiering for virtual pools).

FAST is EMC's implementation of automated dynamic tiering functionality, which is designed to allow higher performance and lower costs using an optimised mix of Flash (SSD) and SATA drives, by intelligently managing data placement at sub-LUN level.

Virtual Provisioning is EMC's implementation of thin provisioning functionality, which allows achieving better storage utilisation efficiency by reserving physical storage only when it is required by the application and at the same time reclaiming physical storage when it is no longer in effective use.

The combination of these technologies is designed to make the EMC storage infrastructure, based on the flag-ship VMAX storage system, extremely efficient with reduced physical footprint in the data centre and minimised power consumption and heat dissipation.

The end-to-end storage infrastructure is secured with leading technologies from RSA, making it an infrastructure suitable for the most critical business environments. The system combines multiple technologies at multiple layers from strong encryption at the disk-level, to advanced authentication mechanisms both at the admin and user levels, to policy-based security associated with VM's, to an over-arching GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) framework.

The Patel infrastructure is protected by Data Domain deduplication storage systems, which deliver advanced, next generation disk-based backup and recovery capabilities.   Industry leading Data Domain systems use high speed inline deduplication technology to eliminate the storage of redundant backup data and ensure rapid, reliable recoveries that meet the most stringent RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) requirements.

"Paltel selected EMC because we believe in its cutting edge technologies and expertise. We are committed to offering first class services to our customers as well as upgrading the level of technical know-how of the ICT sector in Palestine through bringing such renowned vendors to our market," said Ammar Aker, CEO of Paltel Group.