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Interactive launches cloud contact centre services for KSA

Interactive Intelligence offering cloud-based contact centre services for Saudi Arabia

Interactive launches cloud contact centre services for KSA
Interactive's cloud contact centre solutions offer the best of both worlds, says Bangcola.

Interactive Intelligence has announced the launch of its cloud-based contact centre solutions for Saudi Arabia.

The cloud-based services, which can be deployed in three different models for varying degrees of local control, offer user organisations advanced contact centre solutions, without large start up costs or operational expenses.

The company is offering two services, Cloud Contact Center (CCC), a set of on-demand services for contact center automation, and Cloud Notifications, which uses Interactive Intelligence telco trunks to provide outbound.

The CCC service includes Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), call recording, multimedia routing (email and text chat), predictive and preview dialling, and screen pop integration.

The service can be deployed in a Local Control VoIP Model, which allows customers to retain their existing telco trunks and their own gateways, proxy/media servers and IP phones, with only the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) server located virtually at the data centre. This means that voice traffic remains on the customer's network and that all recordings and data are stored locally. New features in the proxy/media server allow customers to continue to make, receive, queue and route calls even in the unlikely event that the Interactive Intelligence service is unavailable.

"Communications is following the more general trend of cloud computing," said Abdul Nasser Bangcola, country manager for Saudi Arabia at Interactive Intelligence. "As proof of this, over the last four quarters alone our cloud-related revenue grew 55% compared to the same period a year ago. Driving this growth has been our customers' needs for lower up-front capital expenditures, faster deployment, and a more flexible 'pay-as-you-go' purchasing model.

"With no capital investment and lower operational expenses compared to a premise-based communications system, it is no surprise why the cloud offering is such an inviting alternative. But our solution offers more than just cost-savings. With a single integrated suite of applications, it delivers more functionality, and offers more flexibility than most premise-based systems are capable of," said Bangcola. "By opting for the Local Control VoIP model, customers essentially get the best of both worlds- an on-demand subscription model and the benefits of an on-premise contact centre system. Organizations now want to take the key decisions in matters of infrastructure design and administration, and through our various deployment models, we enable them to do just that."

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