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Bahrain's TRA calls for sweeping price cuts

TRA wants wholesale price cuts so other operators are able to offer customers cheaper broadband

The TRA wants Batelco to cut its prices to other operators.
The TRA wants Batelco to cut its prices to other operators.

Bahrain's TRA has issued a draft order that proposes major price reductions to Batelco's wholesale prices.

The TRA wants the incumbent operator to cut its bitstream prices by 2% and slash its wholesale DSL charges by 26%, compared to current charges.

The regulator suggested that Batelco should cut interconnection links charges by between 50% and 70% compared to current charges, and reduce interconnection services charges by about 25%.

The regulator said that the aim of the proposals in the draft order is "to support the provision of cheaper and faster broadband offers in the retail market".

The draft order is open for public consultation, which closes on 28th December.

Mohamed Bubashait, general director, TRA Bahrain, said: "A sensible wholesale offer to other licenced operators [OLOs] is a key regulatory instrument supporting competition and choice in the telecommunications sector.

"The charges set in this draft order are evidence-based, fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory and allow Batelco to earn a fair and reasonable return on its investment."

The TRA submitted the draft order after it received suggested price reductions from Batelco, which were deemed inadequate by the regulator.

"Following the review of Batelco's Reference Offer submission, TRA was not satisfied that the proposed charges were in line with the Telecommunications Law," the TRA said.

The public version of the draft order can be viewed on TRA's website.