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Xerox debuts image search technologies

New technologies to search and categorize images developed by Xerox

Xerox is making the technology open to users to gain their feedback.
Xerox is making the technology open to users to gain their feedback.

Xerox has made four new technologies for searching images and collections available to test on its Open Xerox portal.

The new technologies are intended to make categorizing and searching large volumes of images easier, and to add a social media element to photo search.

The technologies, created by the Xerox Research Centre Europe, are available from Open Xerox, a portal that has been set up to give customers, partners and others a chance to try out new technology and give their feedback to the company.

"We want to know what you think, so we can continue to refine and test our technology to meet practical needs that simplify the way work gets done," Smith added.

The new solutions include Similar Image Search, which can search five million images in less than a second on a standard desktop PC, for searching through large catalogues of images. Xerox is also working on a cloud version of this technology. Image Categorizer is a solution to automatically classify images, uses machine learning techniques and image processing algorithms to categorize images according to content, while Aesthetic Image Search aims to categorize based on aesthetic quality or stylistic elements, to find a particular style of image.

For Facebook, the Catepix applications uses image analysis technology to analyse the photos on a user's Facebook account to show what they say about their personality.