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Julphar equips insulin plant with latest technology

EHS equips insulin plant with storage, instrumentation, services and networked support

EHS has received a major order to furnish Julphar's (Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries) Insulin plant with Lab and Research Freezers, Refrigerators and Research Microscopes.

These products are specifically designed to provide stable temperatures for research and pharmaceutical storage. As a part of the deal, EHS will not only provide Julphar with comfortable, functional, quality products but will also cover both online and onsite networking support for the machines.

The lab space is being equipped for current testing requirements. All lab equipment is modern, testing methodologies are based on up-to-date medical technology and all laboratory instruments are being serviced to offer the best performance. Installation, validation, maintenance, calibration, corrective action and service records are kept on each instrument/equipment to ensure precise and quick diagnosis. Additionally, EHS is also providing installation, operation and performance qualifications.