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Godudu.com breaks language barriers

New social networking site offers instant translation between English, Arabic and Russian

Godudu.com breaks language barriers
Godudu.com, a Dubai-based multi-lingual social networking site, is designed to allow users to converse across language barriers.

New social networking site, Godudu, has developed a platform that allows users to communicate across language barriers, allowing instant language translation to a user's preferred language on instant chat, wall posts and pages, according to Alibek Issaev, chairman of Godudu.com.

"Translation between languages is instant, if someone posts on a user's wall, it will show in the user's preferred language, but if a user wants to check what the original looks like in the original language, they can click the blue icon so they can see the original language. For users who are trying to learn languages, this is a new and entertaining way to do it," said Abdulrakhman Zulumkhanov, Godudu.com project manager.

The site can only currently be used in Arabic, English or Russian, but Godudu hopes to add Turkish in January 2012 and other languages soon after.

Godudu.com has just signed a contract in Turkey with the Turkova group, which owns Turkcell and over 150 companies and the company is planning to have a big team of moderators and developers based in Turkey.

"Right now we are working on Turkish, we recently signed with partners in Turkey, so in January we are looking at rolling out the Turkish language support then after that we will look at Chinese and the popularly spoken European languages," said Zulumkhanov.

According to Godudu.com, the social networking site currently has 1.3 million users with 15,000 to 20,000 new users registering on a daily basis. The site has seen a large number of registrations from within the Middle East region, with users from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and most of the GCC countries.

Issaev said that he decided to develop Godudu.com because people who use different social networks are limited from communicating with each other because of language barriers.

"We do not see a Russian person in a Chinese social network, but it is very important for people from different countries to communicate and share ideas and it is very important for people today to learn new things and to develop, and because of these language barriers this is a problem. This is where we came in with our solution and we want to break these social barriers and come together on one social platform and communicate and share things," he said.

Godudu.com also features links to other social networking sources such as Twitter. The Twitter link allows Tweets from people Godudu.com users are following on Twitter to be directly translated into the Godudu.com user's preferred language.

"The problem on Twitter is that if a celebrity or president tweets something, only people who speak that language can understand, then we have to get this information third and fourth hand. With our website, whatever they tweet, we can integrate it into the system and you can read what they say in your language as they write about it," said Zulumkhanov.

The Godudu.com system was developed from scratch by Godudu developers and is a self-learning system based on AI technology. According to Godudu.com, it learns from what users enter into the social networking system, so the more internet users that use the network, and the more entries they post, the more the system learns and improves itself. "We are encouraging as many people to use the system as possible. Because we are a social networking website, we want to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for users to interact with each other so we encourage users to send us feedback about the website and we always pay close attention to what they say," said Zulumkhanov.

The social networking site has its own team of developers who are currently working on games and apps to improve the content currently offered.

"We are working on a farm app where you can do a lot of things and incorporate it into your social networking, for example, you can grow a virtual flower and then send your flower to your Godudu network friends," said Zulumkhanov.

The site's API has also been made as universal and easy to use as possible, according to Zulumkhanov, so that any app developer can use it and come and develop their apps. The company said that it is currently negotiating with some of the biggest application developers to develop apps for the site.

Godudu.com has also just finished developing its first iPhone app and is in the process of finalising its iPad and Android apps.

Issaev says that he hopes Godudu.com will become one of the top social networking sites worldwide within the next 12 months.


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