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Steve Jobs: Timeline

Steve Jobs defined technology development during his life and his career

Steve Jobs: Timeline
Steve Jobs with the iMac, 1998.

Steve Jobs was a part of many of the most noted developments in the birth of the PC and consumer electronics industry. Here we track some of the standout moments in his career.

1955: Born in San Francisco on 24th February, Jobs is given up for adoption.

1972: Drops out of Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

1974: Along with friend Steve Wozniak, begins designing video games Atari - they designed ‘Breakout' but the game was blocked and later copied by Nintendo.

1975: Jobs and Wozniak attend meetings of the Homebrew Computer Club in Palo Alto, California, and begin building computers in Job's parents garage.

1976: Apple Computer formed, to sell the Apple I, the first single-board ROM-based computer.

1977: Apple's breakout computer, the Apple II hits the market. It is the first mass-marketed personal computer, complete with a plastic case, keyboard and color graphics.

1979: Work begins on the Macintosh personal computer, inspired by ground-breaking work at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), to utilize a mouse and graphical user interface (GUI)..

1980: Apple goes public, in an IPO offering 4.5 million shares at $14-17 per share.

1983: Apple Lisa, named after Jobs' daughter, launched, and John Sculley joins the company from Pepsi to become the new Apple CEO and president.

1984: Apple Macintosh finally launches amidst heavy publicity, including the famous ‘1984' Super Bowl commercial, directed by Ridley Scott. The Apple Macintosh becomes the first successful commercial PC with a GUI.

1985: Jobs is forced out of Apple by Sculley and the board of Apple, after Jobs temperament causes internal struggles with Sculley. Jobs goes on to form NeXT Inc, a manufacturer of high-end workstations. While NeXT is not a commercial success, it is eventually sold to Apple, and the NeXT OS goes on to form a large part of Apple's OSX.

1986: Jobs buys Pixar Animation Studios, from George Lucas's Lucasfilms, for $10million.

1995: Pixar goes public, offering six million shares at $12-$14 each. It's first film, Toy Story, is released to popular acclaim. Meanwhile Apple is in decline, and its profit drops 48%.

1996: Jobs returns to Apple, after the company buys NeXT for $400million. Jobs gets $175 million in cash and stock and becomes a consultant at Apple.

1998: The iMac is launched - a one-piece computer, with high design standards and brightly coloured translucent casing, it becomes the best-selling computer in the US by the end of the year.

1999: Apple follows up the iMac with the iBook laptop, based on similar style, and the G4, and powerful desktop-cum-workstation computer.

2000: Jobs becomes Apple's CEO proper.

2001: The iPod multimedia player and iTunes application launch, shaking up the mobile media player market.

2003: The Safari browser and the iLife application suite are launched. iTunes store begins selling music, with more than a billion songs sold by 2006. Jobs is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

2004: Jobs undergoes surgery for the cancer. Sales of iPod, now in its fourth generation, drive Apple stocks to all time highs.

2006: Walt Disney takes Pixar for $7.4 billion, and Jobs joins Disney's board of directors.

2007: The iPhone arrives - not Apple's first mobile phone (it had collaborated with Motorola), the iPhone sets the bar for smartphone design and capabilities. Apple iTouch also released.

2008: MacBook Air and iPhone 3G launched. Speculation grows over Jobs health, as he cancels his appearance at MacWorld.

2009: Jobs takes a five-month medical leave, and has a liver transplant. Apple stocks dip 7%.

2010: The iPad launches, and once again Apple redefines an entire product segment. 15 million iPads are sold by year end, helping Apple to become the highest valued technology company in the world, with market cap of $222 billion.

2011: Jobs announces he will take another leave of absence, while remaining as CEO. He appears at the launch of the iPad 2, but in August, he steps down as CEO. On 5th October, Jobs passes away.

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