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Fujitsu launches new Lifebook

Notebook weighs 1.9kg, designed to have low environmental impact

Fujitsu has launched its Lifebook SH531 in the UAE.
Fujitsu has launched its Lifebook SH531 in the UAE.

Fujitsu has introduces its Lifebook SH531 in the Middle East, the notebook weighs 1.9kg and measures 33.8cm and will retail at around AED2499.

The notebook features an anti-glare display for outside working, a Computrace-enabled BIOS allowing the notebook to be tracked remotely if lost or stolen, software and hard drive locks, and a spill-proof keyboard.

The Lifebook SH531 is also designed to have a minimum environmental footprint through a reduced use of toxins in production and an energy saving system design. According to Fujitsu, the notebook has a six hour run time, thanks to the smart family of second-generation Intel Core i3 and i5 processors.

"In the past, choosing an affordable notebook was always a trade-off between functionality and price. We are changing that with the Lifebook SH531, an obvious choice for school, home, or small business users who are shopping for an attractively-priced notebook with a full feature set," said Chandan Mehta, director Product and Portfolio Management, Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

Fujitsu's Lifebook SH531 and can be purchased online and at select retail locations.