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Mozilla releases Firefox 6

Latest version of browser improves security

Firefox 6 is available now.
Firefox 6 is available now.

Mozilla has released a new version of its popular Firefox browser.

Firefox 6 does not have a significantly different look and feel from the previous version, but says Mozilla, it has been designed to offer better security and has fixed a number of bugs.

The new version includes site-specific permissions, so that more advanced users can tweak controls such as acceptance of cookies, location sharing, pop-ups, and password and data storage, to allow trusted sites more functionality without open up permissions to all sites.

Other improvements include faster tab groups; enhanced site identity block, to make it easier for users to tell if they are viewing a legitimate site' and enhanced Firefox Sync to synchronise favourites and settings between desktop and mobile browser versions.

The update fixes ten bugs from the previous version.

Mozilla also released a new version of the browser for the Android platform.