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Diablo III will only be playable online

Diablo III was announced in mid-2008 and is said to offer a host of new and improved features that will enhance the playing experience

Diablo III will only be playable online
Diablo III is the long awaited sequel to Diablo II which was released on 29 June 2000

Diablo III was announced in mid-2008 and few details have emerged since then. However, details have now emerged suggesting that Battle.net and Auction House features have made it impossible to play the game offline.

Executive Vice-President of Game Design at Blizzard, Rob Pardo said there are several changes that have been made to Diablo's multiplayer system, and that Diablo III would keep gamers connected at all times. A few of the new features include a persistent friend's list, persistent characters that are stored server-side, persistent party system, cross-game chat via the RealID system, dynamic drop-in/drop-out for co-op, player vs. player, a large item collection that can be shared between 10 of your characters and the Banner system which allows players to display their gaming skills through achievements earned, victories and other stats tracked.

Pardo acknowledged that the online-only requirement may anger customers who do not have an Internet connection, or a slow line, however he says the new features will outweigh the negatives. Pardo added, "I want to play Diablo III on my laptop in a plane, but, well, there are other games to play for times like that."

Auction House will also have a new feature whereby players will be able to sell Daiblo III loot for real money instead of in-game gold. The players can choose to take part in anonymous transactions, where they can buy gems, armour, weapons and other items, and if a seller chooses to opt for cash payment instead of virtual gold, Blizzard will charge them a listing fee and a fixed transaction fee. The money obtained can be put into the seller's e-balance at Blizzard, to buy more games, or else sent to a payment processor to cash out.

There has been no announcement of any set date for Diablo III's release. The game will however be available for both the PC and Mac platforms.

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