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Mac OS X Lion now on sale

OS X Lion will have more than 250 new features, some of which are taken from iOS5. Lion currently carries a retail price of $29.99

Mac OS X Lion launches today and is only being sold via digital channels
Mac OS X Lion launches today and is only being sold via digital channels

Apple has confirmed that its Mac OS X Lion operating system will be available for download from the App Store today. This is the first version of OS X to come in a download only format, with Apple doing away with disc sales in favour of digital distribution.

The announcement was made by Apple's CFO Peter Oppenheimer at the company's Q3 earnings call. Oppenheimer also announced that the company had $28.57bn in revenue in the second quarter of this year.

Announcements were also made regarding the sales volume of Apple's favourite gadgets in which it was mentioned that 20 million iPhones and nine million iPads were sold since the beginning of the year.

The Mac OS X upgrade brings close to 250 new features and takes quite a few cues from iOS5. Some of these features are the familiar ‘Launchpad' and a global auto-save feature that automatically saves anything you might be working on so that you don't lose hours of work by accident. The new OS supports multi-touch gestures, has full screen apps and adds Mission Control, which gives the user a bird's eye view of open apps, the Dashboard, Expose and Spaces.

Last night Apple released a Software Migration Assistant update to allow users to make an easier transition to the new OS X 10.7 Lion. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is currently available at the Mac App store for $29.99.