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NME Effective Networking Survey open now

Network Middle East Effective Networking Survey opens, with chance to win security health check

The Effective Networking Survey is open now
The Effective Networking Survey is open now

Network Middle East's first ever Effective Networking Survey has opened for submissions, offering the chance for businesses to win a free one-day security health check.

The research, sponsored by Paramount Computer Systems, intends to gauge the scale and ambition of innovative technology deployments in the region, as well as their ultimate success.

To complete the survey, click here.

The survey is broken down into three parts: in the initial part you are expected to provide a few brief details about yourself, your profession, and the organisation you work for. All details submitted during the survey are purely for statistical and comparative purposes, and none will be stored by ITP nor passed onto any third party.

The second piece of the questionnaire focuses on some of the key IT strategies being adopted by organisations. These include: cloud computing, virtualisation, unified communications and remote working. Respondents are expected to indicate whether they have deployed the strategy, how effective it has been so far, and if it has yet to provide a return on investment.

Finally, respondents will have the opportunity to answer three questions provided by our sponsor, Paramount Computer Systems. In total, the questionnaire should take no longer than ten minutes to complete.

The survey will close at midnight on August 31.