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Bahrain CIO takes steps towards cloud

Central Informatics Organisation deploys virtualised EMC solutions in new storage infrastructure

The new infrastructure will help the CIO in delivering cloud services to the government of Bahrain, says Mahakian.
The new infrastructure will help the CIO in delivering cloud services to the government of Bahrain, says Mahakian.

The Kingdom of Bahrain's Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) has chosen EMC to help it develop a private cloud.

The organisation will carry out a project to consolidate and virtualize its storage infrastructure, which will enable the unification of the government's IT infrastructure, scalability for future applications and growth, enhanced security and the ability to offer IT as a service, according to EMC.

The new storage infrastructure includes EMC VNX unified storage solutions, which will deliver more storage capacity for each site, along with optimisation for virtual applications.

The project also utilizes EMC RecoverPoint to provide data replication between the CIO's two data centres.

The CIO is also working with EMC Technical Services to address the infrastructure as a strategic business asset, and preparing for the provision of private cloud services, along with consultation on best practices in delivering a disaster recovery site.

"At CIO, we believe in the vital importance of the use and exchange of information and our vision is to achieve the highest standard of living for citizens through comprehensive, secure, accurate and timely information and services, which makes it imperative for us to utilize the latest, future proof, progressive technology solutions to meet our business criticality and requirements. EMC is our ideal partner, and its storage solutions will add efficiency, agility and scalability to our IT infrastructure while allowing us to maintain control and ensure security of our data," said Shaikh Salman Mohammed Al-Khalifa, director general of Information Technology.

"To manage and secure its vast amount of information, CIO needs a storage infrastructure that is efficient, smart and secure. We are very proud of the confidence put in EMC and we are positive that the new infrastructure will enable the CIO to start providing real improvements and benefits to all involved and continue the journey to the cloud, offering cloud services for the Bahraini government and improving its performance, in order to meet the expected capacity and growth of Bahrain IT services", said Habib Mahakian, regional director, North Gulf, Levant & Pakistan Area - EMC.