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Tech Access launches new partner reward programme

Partner Loyalty Programme to allow partners to choose rewards

The new programme will reward loyal Tech Access partners.
The new programme will reward loyal Tech Access partners.

Tech Access has announced the launch of a new partner loyalty programme which will allow partners to choose their own rewards.

The Partner Loyalty Programme will offer both business and leisure rewards to partners, to enable partners to incentivize staff as they wish.

"TechAccess Partner Loyalty Programme is a key differentiator in the market," said Ahsan Ali, vice president - marketing, TechAccess. "TechAccess is the first Value Added Distributor to have launched such a premium programme to acknowledge its top performing partners and value their growing business with TechAccess. The TechAccess Partner Loyalty Programme aims to strengthen our relationship with our partners to recognise their value to us and retain their loyalty in conducting business with us by rewarding them with luxurious business and leisure rewards. The Partner Loyalty Program is not only restricted to existing partners, it aims at catering to new partners as well in the region.

"The design of this Partner Programme is unique in the local IT industry in the sense that it offers leisure as well business rewards to IT partners who grow and build business with TechAccess. Usually partner programmes only focus on technical certification, whereas the TechAccess Partner Loyalty Programme provides its partners with an opportunity to choose how they wish to be rewarded, thereby generating excitement amongst new partners to do business with Techaccess."