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eNotary system results in savings for Dubai Courts

ARMS Group CEO says documents have better processing times, massive savings in office supplies

eNotary system results in savings for Dubai Courts
Yassir Alnaeem, ARMS Group CEO says that the implementation of the eNotary system for has saved the Dubai Courts both time spent dealing with customers and money for office supplies.

The development of the eNotary system has resulted in better processing times for documents, a reduction of the number of people visiting the Dubai Courts every day and a reduction in spending on office supplies, according to Yassir H Alnaeem, ARMS Group CEO.

One of ARMS Group's subsidiaries, Taqnyah, designed and implemented the eNotary system for Dubai Courts.

"As you know every department works on budgets, so if we can save some money out of the budget that was dedicated to the normal notary public, it can be utilised or restructured for deploying more services or other improvements. I believe the list of benefits [of the eNotary system] is long," Alnaeem told ITP.net. "We underestimate the amount of money we spend on paper and pens and things like that, it is huge when you talk about a service where everything is done by using paper. I believe there are a lot of areas where we can save money, when we talk about the economy of the project."

Security of the eNotary system was an area of high concern for both the Dubai Courts and Taqnyah. The company decided to use several layers and types of security to make sure the system is as safe as can be. These security measures include the watermarking of documents and the addition of dense barcodes. Documents are also protected from unauthorised downloads and any attempts to download them without permission will result in a trace on the IP address of hacker.

"We have to be very careful and be always one step ahead of those who are trying to break into the security channels. Merging more than one technology together for this was the answer, because if you give someone a straightforward single technology, then being familiar with all the requirements of breaking that area is quite easy. In implementing more than one system, different levels and types of security and the way it is done in the first place will make your life a little bit difficult if you try breaching those security areas, but I can assure you as well as all the users that the e-notary system is one of the most secure sites that can be generated," said Alnaeem.

Because of the relatively new implementation of the eNotary systems, Dubai Courts customers still need to be encouraged to use the online portal. Alnaeem says there are three things that can be done to get users onto the online system instead of visiting the courts.

"We can persuade citizens to use the service in three ways; one of them is to study the behaviour of the segment we are targeting so we can put the right solutions in place, the second point is to encourage them by giving them certain benefits out of using the system, the third most important thing is to be a little bit harsh in some areas by stopping conventional services within a certain time and putting them only online," he said.

In the future, Taqnyah will be using analytics to research the types of users on the eNotary system, what services they are using and how all services can be improved.

"These [analytics] are the guidelines which are helping developers and technology arms in proposing the proper technology, improving or changing the existing system and helping with the plans for the future. Any business without proper research and then proper analysis most of the time means failure," said Alnaeem.

According to ARMS Group, the partnership with the Dubai Courts in the implementation of the Notary Public service was just the start of its relationship and they hope that the partnership will be for the long term.

"It was a successful start and we believe that it is a good foundation for other projects, they know who Taqnyah is and how strong we are. We believe we have all the elements which are required in a company which allows us to be good strategic partners for Dubai courts," said Alnaeem.

The company has been approached by other regional and international courts to implement both eNotary and virtual court systems following its experience with Dubai Courts. Alnaeem said there will be announcements about these new projects soon.

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