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Teradata announces two new data warehousing solutions

Company debuts combined SSD, HDD storage and analytic solution

Teradata announces two new data warehousing solutions
Teradata's new Enterprise Data Warehouse solution mixes HDD and SSD for more affordable and flexible storage, says Gnau.

Teradata has announced the launch of two new Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse platforms; the 6680, which combines memory with SSD and HDD drives and the 6650, an upgradeable data centre solution based only on HD storage.

The Teradata Active EDW 6680 is the first platform to combine SSD and HDD technology and intelligent virtual storage solutions, which use algorithms to automatically migrate data between drive types to achieve optimum performance according to the level of usage of that data.

The new Active EDW 6650 utilises HDD storage and is able to be able to be upgraded to integrate SSDs and Teradata Virtual Storage. Both new Teradata platforms provide in-depth analytics for enterprises.

"The Active EDW 6680 offers up to a four times boost in throughput and unleashes performance for reporting, operations, and complex analytic applications helping customers do more, do it faster and do it better," said Scott Gnau, chief development officer, Teradata Corporation. "Teradata is the only vendor to offer integrated, self-managing storage combining both SSD and HDD devices in the same platform. Also, by combining large memory and efficient caching, Teradata provides in-memory performance without requiring a separate appliance."

The 6680 offers a 75% lower energy cost for same performance over the previous model along with 75% smaller data centre footprint, while the Active EDW 6650 has a 25% lower energy cost for same capacity over the previous model and a 25% smaller data centre footprint.

The new 6680 platform features virtual storage functionality, which continually places the most used, or hot data in the fastest storage area, the SSD, while cooler or less used data is stored on the slowest storage or HDD.

The virtual storage functionality also moves data between the fast and slow storage areas as it ages, or as circumstances change and previously cold data becomes hot. Teradata also provides users with a monitoring tool that helps customers know exactly how much of their data is hot so they can purchase exactly the right number of SSD's for their needs.

"Teradata Virtual Storage helps the customer get high performance on the data that is used the most and lower cost on data used less frequently, without the customer having to manage data placement," said Richard Winter, president, WinterCorp. "In addition, the much higher performance of solid state drives makes it possible for the customer to exploit the higher processing power of today's architectures for intensive analytics and active data warehousing. This can result in new business insights gained by leveraging data quickly in response to new business events and new information, regardless of where in the enterprise it may come from."

According to Teradata, with the new combined storage approach, companies can replace up to 17HDDs depending on the corporate workload. This means that the data warehouse processor's entire analytic power can be applied to a much smaller amount of data, resulting in faster result time.

"The design philosophy of Teradata Labs is to create solutions that automatically manage data and workloads so database administrators are free to focus on other tasks. For example, other vendors' systems require manual migration of data in and out of the SSDs, a process which is slow, error-prone, requires more labour, and drives up the total cost of operation. With Teradata, the customer gets the maximum value from SSDs without added delays or labour cost," said Randy Lea, vice president, Product Marketing and Management, Teradata Corporation.

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