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Intaj appoints new Board of Directors

New board members will guide Intaj through 2011 and into 2013

Intaj has appointed a new board of directors for 2011 to 2013.
Intaj has appointed a new board of directors for 2011 to 2013.

Intaj, the Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan has announced its new Board of Directors following a recent Ordinary General Assembly (GA) meeting on Wednesday 23rd March.

The new board of directors will lead the company through 2011 and into 2013. The GA was attended by 80% of active Intaj members.

Members of the outgoing board are chairman Aiman Mazahreh from STS, vice chairman Ihab Hinnawi from Umniah, treasurer Daoud Abboud from UTS, secretary general Rula Habash from Intel, and board members Nayla Khawam from Orange, Abdul Malek Jaber of Zain, Walid Tahabsem from ITG, Vatche Dakessian of Amon Technologies, Majed Sifri from Optimiza, Baker Dirani of Dot.jo, and Tarek Saadi of Ericsson.

The new elected Intaj board of directors for 2011 to 2013 is chairman Mohammad Tahboub of Savvytek, vice chairman Khaled Hudhud from Batelco Jordan, treasurer Ammar Sajdi from RealSoft, secretary general Husni Khuffash from Microsoft Jordan, and Board Members Jawad Abbassi from Arab Advisors Group, Ashraf Arafeh of Cisco Systems, Nayla Khawam from MobileCom, Majed Sifri from Optimiza Academy, Ra'ed Hajarat of Oracle Systems, Mahmoud Zaghalil from Zain Jordan, and Alaa Ensheiwat of SSS Process.

The association is an ICT industry-support organisation, which started in 2000 and aims to improve the dynamics of Jordan's ICT market and develop ICT activities in the country.

Currently there are approximately 200 local ICT-related companies that are part of Injat including IT companies, telecoms, e-content and outsourcing services.