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eGovernment sees online payment boom

65% increase in transactions through ePay from 2009 to 2010

Ahmed Bin Humaidan, Director General of Dubai eGovernment says that ePay is becoming the preferred method of payment for government transactions.
Ahmed Bin Humaidan, Director General of Dubai eGovernment says that ePay is becoming the preferred method of payment for government transactions.

Last year saw a 65% increase in payments collected through the Dubai eGovernment ePay payment gateway as compared to 2009, according to statistics released by Dubai eGovernment.

AED2.5 billion was collected from 1.8 million transactions through the ePay system for all participating government departments by the end of December 2010. AED1.7 million was collected in total in 2009.

"These results clearly indicate the favourable pace of eTransformation in Dubai and also reflect the increasing adoption of ePay as a preferred mode of payment to complete government transactions on one hand, and the confidence shown by customers in the efficiency and safety of this option on the other," said Ahmed Bin Humaidan, director general of Dubai eGovernment .

Government departments participating in the ePay system include Dubai Customs, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Dubai Municipality.

These departments were also the top earners in 2010 in terms of money collected throughout 2010. The Roads and Transport Authority, DEWA and Dubai Customs were the top three government entities in terms of the number of transactions logged in 2010.

"This service allows both corporate and individual customers to complete ePayment for government services through three ways - credit cards, e-dirham and direct debit from the customer's account in participating banks," said Bin Humaidan.

According to the director general, credit card payments were the most popular option with amounts collected topping AED2.136 billion. Direct debit payments saw growth from 26,357 transactions in 2009 to 54,538 transactions in 2010.

"All government departments need certain electronic ingredients and infrastructures to offer high quality and secure online services aimed at attracting customers and encouraging them to adopt the option of completing their transactions online. In line with this, Dubai eGovernment strives to offer the required ingredients in the shape of centralized services and a joint infrastructure, enabling these departments to provide facilitated services to the public while offering them a suitable ground for concentration and innovation in their respective scopes of activity," said Bin Humaidan

The Dubai eGovernment recently signed an agreement with the UAE Central Bank to add new banks to its ePay gateway by connecting with the UAESWITCH at UAE Central Bank.

This move will allow corporate or individual customers to settle government departments' fees through its ePay portal using ATM cards or through pre-paid cards. Forty-six banks are now included in the ePay system.