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GCT launches new children’s gaming devices

Kid’s Designer Tablet and HeeHaa handheld range designed to be both educational and fun

GCT is launching the Genius Kid's Designer tablet in the UAE.
GCT is launching the Genius Kid's Designer tablet in the UAE.

GCT, a distributor for the Genius brand of IT peripherals, has launched several new child-targeted gaming devices into the Middle East market.

According to GCT, electronic games for children is one of the fastest growing peripherals markets and Genius is hoping to increase its market share in that segment in the Middle East.

"Genius considers the kids gaming segment as one of the key and growing market segments. Our product development strategy and marketing initiative for kids gaming devices are based on their usage patterns. Based on our studies, we found out that game-playing kids are more active, compared to non-gamers. Also, we always promote non-violent games which help to improve their thinking abilities," said Jihad Youssef, general manager of GCT. 

One of the products launched by GCT is the Kid's Designer tablet. The device is a 5-inch by 8-inch graphic tablet which is packed with games which are designed to be innovative and educational.

GCT has also launched the Heeha100, Heeha 200, and Heeha 300, which are handheld gaming devices. The built-in games on these devices are targeted at children and the devices are pocket-sized, designed to keep children occupied on the go.

 "These Genius latest gaming devices are launched to the market after long thought process. The market size of the kids gaming industry is growing at a fast pace and the trends in the industry are constantly [evolving]. With these new product categories we offer kids a blend of education and entertainment," said Youssef.