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APC offering energy audits for data centres

Audit services to assess power and cooling efficiency in data centres

Data centre managers need to maximise the utilisation of resources with their facilities, says Delepine.
Data centre managers need to maximise the utilisation of resources with their facilities, says Delepine.

APC by Schneider is introducing audit services to gauge energy efficiency and cooling in corporate data centres.

The company says that regular audits can help companies to run their data centres at optimum capacity and cut the cost of repairs or replacements.

A suite of audit services is available, including comprehensive evaluation of energy use in the data centre, with detailed reports on total data centre input power, IT load, power usage effectiveness (PUE) and power and cooling conditions.

The APC Data Centre Cooling Analysis uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to analyse the airflow and temperature patterns of a data centre at the rack and room level. The CFD software creates a 3D model of the data centre including the location and performance of cooling units, IT equipment, power systems and any other significant equipment.

As part of the service APC will also be able to give companies recommendations on improving data centre energy efficiency, through airflow and cooling management techniques, smarter hot-cold aisle configurations and containment systems, upgrades to UPS systems, and updating rack enclosures to intelligent systems.

Olivier Delepine, Enterprise and Services Director for Middle-East and Africa, APC by Schneider Electric, said: "More data centre managers are beginning to look at energy as a productive asset, and they need the tools to be able to help maximise the utilisation of available resources with business and regulatory climates demanding increased efficiencies within the data centres. APC's new audit service brings significant returns on investment as customers optimise current infrastructure and plan for future growth or consolidation."

For the Middle East region, APC has appointed Mustapha Louni as its Data Centre Energy Efficiency Engineer, to manage the implementation of audit services and co-ordinate with the APC services team.

Delepine added: "Louni's technical background and familiarity with the market will serve APC's continuous expansion and involvement in the region."