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Emitac Group participates in Bukhatir Trade Fair 2010

EHS, EES and EDL represent Emitac at Bukhatir Trade Fair

Emitac participated in the Bukhatir trade fair, recently held on November 29th 2010 at the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club.

With companies from the group showing great interest and actively taking part in the event, the event took off to a good start.

The event was basically divided into two main parts, opening with a trade fair where the companies showcased their products and services followed by a session on ‘Managing business diversification risks'.

Companies including Adventureland - Sahara Centre; Conmix, Bucomac, Nitco, ETS, Dubai Sports City, International School of Creative Science and Emitac, including Emitac Mobile Solutions, Emitac Healthcare Solutions, Emitac Enterprise Solutions and Emitac Distribution took part in the event.

As a part of the Group Quarterly Management Meeting initiative the Bukhatir Trade fair promotes the participation of its group companies to facilitate knowledge sharing and awareness on the Group's activities, showcase latest products and services by the Companies under the Bukhatir group and encourage networking and cross Company/BU working.

The event further presented an opportunity for the Group Owners to meet and enhance better communication with all the stakeholders of the group, putting companies under one roof and enabling them to share experiences and ideas more openly.

Vital information was imparted and explained face to face in respect of the various business diversification that are geared towards attaining the Group's vision to make the Bukhatir Group an international institution that is counted as one of the region's best run professional, diversified international business houses of its kind.