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Blue Coat introduces stream-split live video

Stream-split will allow single video stream to be delivered live to multiple sites and users

The solution will help companies deal with the increasing demand for video in business, says Hawthorn.
The solution will help companies deal with the increasing demand for video in business, says Hawthorn.

Blue Coat has introduced new ‘stream-split' technology, to optimize the delivery of video over the WAN.

The technology has been integrated into the Blue Coat ProxySG WAN, as part of Optimized Video Delivery, which is intended to provide better management of video. The solution is intended to help businesses manage the bandwidth requirements of users viewing external videos, which can frequently consume between 30% and 60% of bandwidth, and increased demand for internal use of video by businesses for things like training and communications.

Blue Coat Optimized Video Delivery utilizes a combination of stream-splitting and caching technologies to prevent ‘video floods' that are caused when Internet video saturates a company's WAN or Internet gateway and keeps other applications from performing properly. At the same time, Optimized Video Delivery also allows companies to expand the use of video internally for business content, training and communications without increasing bandwidth capacity.

The ‘stream-split' technology allows a single live video stream to serve multiple users across a number of locations, enabling video scalability, providing quality viewing and freeing bandwidth on the Wide Area Network (WAN) for other business-critical applications. Stream splitting includes support for Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) on the Adobe Flash Platform and Microsoft Windows Media MMS- and RTSP-based streaming media.

"With the pervasiveness of video, companies need a way to protect their networks from being overrun, as well as a way to effectively distribute video for business purposes," said Nigel Hawthorn, VP EMEA Marketing at Blue Coat Systems. "Blue Coat takes a comprehensive approach to WAN optimization, realizing that simply applying acceleration to email or file access while ignoring video will not ensure that business-critical applications perform well across the enterprise."

"Companies want to use more live video internally and also need to contend with video from the Web, but both can undermine networks," said Joe Skorupa, Research VP, Gartner. "Video caching and stream-splitting are two important technologies that help enable the adoption of video in the enterprise while managing its impact on the WAN or Internet gateway."