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Heroes of Gaia gets an Arabic flavour

Tahadi Games is beginning closed beta testing on November 15

Popular online game, Heroes of Gaia, is being launched in Arabic by Tahadi Games.
Popular online game, Heroes of Gaia, is being launched in Arabic by Tahadi Games.

Popular online war fantasy game, Heroes of Gaia, is about to be released in Arabic thanks to Arabic online games publisher, Tahadi Games.

 The company is conducting closed beta testing of the game on 15 November and the official Arabic open beta test is set for the Dubai Game Expo later this month.

The closed launch will test the stability and functionality of the game before the official release.

The game, called Abtal Gaia in the Arabic version, has over two million players worldwide and, with the launch of the Arabic version into the Middle East and North Africa, this figure is likely to grow.

The Arabic version will feature a list of updates from the latest expansion - War of Tyrants. These updates are not available yet on any other regional services, according to Tahadi Games.

"Arabic Heroes of Gaia- War of Tyrants is another addition to our popular games. This game, which has gained the admiration and acceptance from gaming fans world-over, has been designed to best fit the local market and the Arab online gaming community in particular. We are excited to bring this visually appealing game to the wide Arab audience and are certain that they will be pleased with the graphics used and the great game-play," said Steve Tsao, CEO of Tahadi Games.

In the browser-based MMOG (massively multiplayer online game), players must fight to defend their castles, build up armies and alliances and search out precious resources. In the War of Tyrants version, there is a conflict between four main races - Humans, Orcs, Elves and the Undeads. The player begins the game as a young noble in a small castle without an army and must build up his defenses and his empire and slay monsters.

"The key hallmark for Tahadi Games is our aim to create innovative categories in gaming products which are available at the click of a mouse. Our games are engaging and addictive for the average gaming enthusiast and with the availability of fresh content we hope to provide them with the ultimate gaming experience just about anywhere. "Heroes of Gaia- War of Tyrants" innovatively combines elements of Strategy, Role Playing and Management simulation into one, ensuring high levels of interest and will help us make significant inroads into the world of gaming," said Tsao.

The game, which is in Arabic, has exclusively been launched for the Arabic online gaming market with no download and no subscription. The game is designed to be played from anywhere, as long as the user has a flash-enabled, web-connected device.

The online gaming industry has boomed over the last nine years and is now a $15 billion global annual business.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are the strongest markets for online gaming in the Middle East with the maximum number of users.