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Dolphins can also use the Toughbook

Researchers in Miami are trying to get dolphins to communicate using the tablet

Dolphins can also use the Toughbook
Researchers in Miami are using Panasonic Toughbooks to teach dolphins to communicate with humans.

According to CNET.co.uk, dolphins have waged in on the Mac vs PC debate and rejected Apple's iPad in favour of the Panasonic Toughbook.

Sealife experts, at a Miami-based non-profit organisation called SpeakDolphin, are currently trying to figure out how to talk to dolphins. They are teaching the cetacean's how to use the Toughbook as a step towards holding conversations between man and dolphins. Dolphins in the study seem to love the Toughbook as it is waterproof and bright enough to see in the sun.

Earlier attempts at trying to communicate with them using an iPad were not so successful; it did not react well to heat or water and proved no match for the creatures, says CNET.

According to SpeakDolphin, the first step in trying to communicate with dolphins is getting them to match an object on the screen on the Toughbook to a real object. This game gets the creatures used to the idea of using symbols to represent real things. Once they have mastered that, they will be shown actions that match dolphin sounds.

The next step is to build a translator that will decode dolphin and translate human talk in real time, so researchers can hold conversations with their charges. UK company Greenaway Marine will then build a 55-inch underwater home entertainment system which can be controlled from the Toughbook, researchers say.

The SpeakDolphin website has a section where you can submit questions to ask the dolphins, the first twenty questions on the website include  "What name does your species call itself?", "Does your species remember living on land?" and "Are cetaceans in communication with life forms beyond this planet?.

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