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Halo: Reach released

Three different editions of Reach are available for purchase: regular, a limited edition and a legendary edition

The legendary edition packs the most goodies for Halo fans
The legendary edition packs the most goodies for Halo fans

Halo: Reach, the latest in the Halo series of games, has been released in the region.

The game features first-person shooter gameplay and takes place in the year 2552. In the Halo time line Reach takes place before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved, where humanity is already engaged in a war with the Covenant. Gamers take on the role of Noble 6, who is a member of an elite super soldier squad.

Reach features both single- and multiplayer and differs from Halo 3 in a number of ways. One such change is whereas Halo 3 gave players the ability to wield equipment or power-ups that provided a temporary offensive or defensive advantage, Reach replaces these in favour of reusable and persistent abilities that remain until the player chooses to replace them.

The game is available in three different retail editions. The standard edition includes just the game and manual, whereas the limited edition ships with an artifact bag with story information, unique packaging and exclusive in-game Elite armour. The legendary edition includes all of the limited edition material though it ships in different packaging, features two hours of developer commentary on in-game cutscenes, in-game Spartan armour and a 4.5kg statue produced by McFarlane Toys.