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Microsoft showcases 'Kinect'

Microsoft previewed its Kinect motion tracking system in the U.A.E today. The Xbox 360 add-on is expected to hit store shelves on November 10.

Kinect will hit stores on November 10 as a standalone product, as well as with two new Xbox 360 SKUs
Kinect will hit stores on November 10 as a standalone product, as well as with two new Xbox 360 SKUs

Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division previewed its forthcoming ‘Kinect' motion tracking system today. The Xbox 360 accessory will hit the retail market on November 10.

Kinect is a motion tracking system that uses a sophisticated sensor to track a user's body motions and is also able to respond to voice commands. The system doesn't need the user to hold a controller, unlike Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PlayStation Move.

"When technology becomes invisible and intuitive something special happens - you and your experience become one. No barriers, no boundaries, no gadgets, no gizmos, no learning curves. With Kinect you are the controller," said Armagan Demir, Head of Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division, Gulf. Kinect for Xbox 360 offers tremendous entertainment value, so whether you are new to Xbox 360 or an existing console owner, we are committed to offering Kinect experiences that offer controller-free fun and entertainment in extraordinary new ways", he added.

When it hits markets on November 10 Kinect is expected to carry a retail price of US $190. Microsoft's ‘Kinect Adventures' will be included as part of the bundle. The software giant expects more than 15 Kinect-enabled games will be available at launch.

Microsoft also revealed that it will launch two new SKUs, aimed at giving customers an all-in-one option to experience Kinect and its Xbox 360 console. The entry-level option will pair Kinect with Microsoft's forthcoming Xbox 360 4GB console and will include Kinect Adventures. This bundle is expected to retail at $381. The Xbox 360 4GB console on its own will replace the existing Arcade and will retail for $245.

The higher-end option will pair Kinect Adventures and the Kinect sensor with the new Xbox 360 250GB console and will cost approximately $449. The console will also be sold on its own, as a replacement to the existing Xbox 360 Elite and will carry a price of US $313. Retail availability of the new consoles is yet to be announced.