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Emirates selects SITA's Airfare Insight system

Airfare Insight will allow airline to better track and respond to competitor's ticket pricing

The system will allow Emirates to respond to competitors' airfare changes.
The system will allow Emirates to respond to competitors' airfare changes.

Dubai-based airline Emirates has deployed SITA's Airfare Insight platform, to help it make better informed decisions on airfare pricing.

The system, part of SITA's Horizon passenger management and distribution portfolio, will allow the airline to monitor competitors' air fares in real time, and to adjust its fares in response. Around 100 million fares are published worldwide at any given time, with prices often changing several times per day.

The Airfare Insight system allows Emirates to track those of competitors, and respond to the changes through specific and targeted distribution channels of the airline's choice. The solution has been deployed to connect Emirate's global network of sales offices and other distribution channels.

Godfrey Toerien, Emirates, senior vice president of Pricing and Reservation Services, said: "SITA's Airfare Insight platform ensures that we can offer the best value in the market to our customers, and at the same time manage our fares efficiently to maximise revenue. The quality and functionality of the product provides us with a unique edge when it comes to fares management."

Hani El Assaad, SITA regional vice president Middle East and North Africa, said: "Airfare Insight is all about business transformation. Emirates is a cutting edge airline when it comes to early adoption of breakthrough technology. Our five-year agreement provides Emirates with the tools to execute pricing decisions much faster and supports automated distribution of the resulting fares."