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ITQAN completes MIS infrastructure upgrade

Maritime Industrial Services shifts to Microsoft solutions as part of IT overhaul

ITQAN and MIS teams mark the completion of the project.
ITQAN and MIS teams mark the completion of the project.

Systems integrator ITQAN Al-Bawardi Computers has completed its enterprise infrastructure upgrade project for Maritime Industrial Services Co (MIS).

The project, which was announced in January, saw ITQAN provide a complete overhaul of the IT infrastructure of MIS, a leading contractor in energy-related construction and services industry.

The upgrade include a complete migration of the company's existing infrastructure to Microsoft solutions, including Microsoft's messaging system, IT management tools, data security and protection controls. As part of the project, MIS also switched to Microsoft's Enterprise licensing model, to provide significant cost savings and other benefits including better support and training.

MIS has over 900 employees in five offices across the UAE, and a large volume of engineering, drafting and other departmental documents that need to be shared across the whole company, creating a major challenge for ITQAN to implement the new solutions without disrupting operations.

Feras Al-Jabi, general manager of ITQAN explained: "This project illustrated the collaboration between MIS and ITQAN and the level of co-operation and professionalism shown by MIS during this project was remarkable and pushed us to give our 200% percent to make this implementation a success.

"Despite some obstacles and challenges that inevitably came up during the implementation phase, MIS' IT team was supportive, and placed its complete trust in ITQAN. It was like rebuilding a house again while still keeping its components intact, in a sense that every aspect of their older infrastructure had to be removed and replaced with another technology, all while migrating the data smoothly and fluidly," he added.

Ossama Bader, MIS' vice president, IT, Human Resources, and Admin commented: "MIS has more than 900 employees who need to access this system, covering five offices across the country. Without an efficient centralized structure that manages these users, and in most cases remotely, proper IT administration would be literally impossible.

"ITQAN has planned an optimum design that ensures the highest levels of security, reliability and stability. MIS is rapidly growing, and this was a necessary step to support our strategy for growth. We are pleased with what ITQAN managed to accomplish, and we hope to see this relationship continue in the future," said Bader.