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Indian mobile broadband set to boom

India's broadband wireless subscriber base to exceed 75 million by 2015

India is set to become a major market for mobile broadband.
India is set to become a major market for mobile broadband.

Mobile broadband using 3G and WiMAX technology will generate a profitable base of more than 75 million users by 2015, according to research firms Maravedis and Tonse Telecom. The research added that LTE deployments will only make a "noticeable" impact in India after this period.

The first wave of mobile broadband deployments, following in the wake of the recent auctioning of 3G and 4G spectrum, will "unleash a broadband economic driver thus far evasive to India", according to  Sridhar Pai, co-author of the report and founder of Tonse Telecom.

"The unmet demand for broadband resulting from poor wire-line infrastructure will be met by a combination of 3G and 4G technologies, including WCDMA/ HSPA, 802.16e and TD-LTE, over the next five years," he said.

The report indicated that India's accumulated 3G enabled data subscriber base, including notebooks, modems and dongles, will reach 40 million by 2015, while the 4G subscriber base, including 802.1e and TD-LTE adopters, will reach 33 million subscribers in 2015. These trends will help to propel the 4G infrastructure market to reach an accumulated value of $ 1.5 billion in the next five years, the research added.

Adlane Fellah, research director, Maravedis, added that India's telecom market will transform "from a voice-centric industry to a data-economy" in the coming years, and said that this transformation will be accompanied by structural changes in the carrier space including a "consolidation wave" which could strike as early as 2011. "Infrastructure opportunity has moved to a new level and will quickly morph into an application-driven era," he added.