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Governments advised to cut IT costs

Adopting cloud services, allowing staff to work remotely and cancelling high-risk projects all recommended by Gartner

Governments need to cut back on their IT spending Gartner has said
Governments need to cut back on their IT spending Gartner has said

Gartner has outline a number of ‘radical' steps it says governments need to aggressively introduce in order to increase the cost efficiency of managing their IT networks.

Amongst the analyst house's suggestions were including introducing public cloud services and allowing staff to work remotely. It said that by looking at ways of reducing IT expenditure now, while they still had the ability to look carefully at their option, they could avoid a slash and burn approach further down the line.

"Government organisations in most of the Western world have already gone through one or two cost-cutting cycles during the past few years," said Andrea Di Maio, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

It also advised governments to cancel high-risk, high-profile programmes, as well as those citizen facing channels that were proving ineffective, and instead focus on linking interoperability frameworks in order to reap the cost synergies brought by the approach.

"The aftermath of the most recent global financial crisis, the sluggish recovery in some countries and the significant levels of debt require continued and increasing cost-containment discipline and are forcing government organisations to explore new avenues of cost reduction," she continued.