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GetInfo SMS mobile service gains traction in UAE

Sees 150 unique queries sent to its SMS shortcode 4727 daily

GetInfo founder and CEO Mukkul Shyam.
GetInfo founder and CEO Mukkul Shyam.

SMS-based mobile service GetInfo is gaining traction in the United Arab Emirates with more than 150 unique queries being sent through to their 4727 shortcode everyday from people searching for products and companies in the country.

Founder and CEO Mukkul Shyam who used to work for Cellucom, insists that GetInfo, which went live in March this year, is more than just a directory service.

"Yes, it can be used to find listings and locations but more importantly it can be used to find the best promotions and deals," Shyam told ITP.net. "If you need to go buy a camera at MOE, you don't have to walk into every single store and waste 2 hours. All you would have to do is SMS ‘Camera MOE' to 4727 and you would get a listing of stores that sell cameras but more importantly you would get a listing of those stores that have promotions on cameras," he explained.

GetInfo has over 350,000 listings in their database, and is already working on a number of pilots for banks, hotels, exchanges houses and SMEs who want to use the platform to communicate directly with customers.

Once signed on, GetInfo can be controlled through with a dedicated merchant account where promotions can be added and modified, with analytics data also available.

"A bank can get on board and list all its outlets that runs various promotions. So a consumer could literally be anywhere in UAE and just send a search starting with the banks name and location to find which promotions the bank is running specific to that location," stated Shyam.

GetInfo also assures customers that they won't be bombarded with spam. Once customers send a query SMS to 4727, a profile is automatically created for them where they can state their preferences.

"Once registered, consumers can log into the consumer portal and actually choose specifically which merchants they want to follow and on which days and times they actually want to receive these messages. Our goal is to always be fair to the consumer," Shyam added.